Couples' Fellowship
Our couples' fellowship is called "C.P.R." which means Christ Presence in Relationships. Our mission is to present Christ in all marriage relationships those that are whole and broken, being established through the word of God, sustain by the Holy Spirit, demonstrated in our lives so that the world, the church, and our families will see God represented in our lives.
Within our discipleship development, you can explore the core of our ministry training of developing sinners into saints, saints into servants, servants into children, and children into sent ones, released to fulfill the purpose for their lives.
Our desires as a church are to impact, influence, and empower all members to reach their educational potential. Therefore, we have developed an umbrella of programs to do so through our education ministry. The programs have a positive impact on all: the young as well as old, overachievers, underachiever, skilled, and unskilled.
Men’s Fellowship
Our men’s fellowship is called the “Mighty Men of Valor.” Our goals are to develop boys into men, restore their power of being made in His image, influence men to fulfill the mandate of God of having dominion, and teach men how to impact families with the love of almighty God.
New Member’s Class
This is the place where we have systemic teaching in which new members embrace the culture of our worship. A place in which new members are planted in the house of God where they can grow and discover their calling and gifts, develop their character in the five phases of man (spiritual, physical, mental, social, and financial) which will make an impact on the lives of others; influence their known world, empower other people to reproduce the same core values that reveal that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light for all people to live by.
Women’s Fellowship
Our women’s fellowship is called the “Daughters of Judah.” Our goals are to impact, influence and empower women of all races, and ages to embrace the fact that they are queens, wonderfully and skillfully made by God.

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